All Natural, Healthy School Lunch

TNCS offers school lunch daily. Our internationally themed school lunch program features wholesome, in-season food that often features a particular cuisine on a rotating basis. Students and staff cultivate some of the produce we use in our very own greenhouse. Two sizes are available: Regular lunch is ideal for preschool and younger elementary students; our new larger size is ideal for older elementary, middle, or Very Hungry Students.

The following sample menu features some of the 10 lunches that alternate on a 2-week schedule.

Sample Weekly Fall & Winter Lunch Menu

Mac-n-cheese Monday: Tofu and cheddar sauce over elbow macaroni, seasonal vegetables, yogurt & homemade granola, seasonal fruit, and milkFruit Strawberry for lunch
Onion for School lunchCheese quesadilla with sour cream on the side, quinoa, seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruit, and milk
Soy nuggets, steamed peas, quinoa, applesauce, and milk Salad for school lunch
Pepper for school lunchWhole-wheat pasta with homemade tomato and homegrown herb sauce, garlic bread, seasonal vegetables, yogurt & homemade granola, and milk
Asparagus for school lunchPizza Friday: Homemade flatbread pizza, seasonal vegetable, fresh-popped kettle corn, seasonal fruit, and milk

Our Greenhouse

Every TNCS student spends time in the school’s greenhouse. The greenhouse is a magical place where students help to grow fruits and vegetables while they learn about sustainable environmental practices. School lunches frequently include fresh produce from our greenhouse.

Chef Emma Novashinski in Green_houseMeet Chef Emma Novashinski

TNCS’s Executive Chef and Master Gardener, Chef Emma, grew up in Guildford, Surrey in southeast England helping her mother in their kitchen garden. She is passionate about seasonal, local foods and loves using them in her own cooking. In the greenhouse, Chef Emma enjoys teaching TNCS students where their food comes from and how it is grown.

Lunch Program Pricing

Enrollment in the school lunch program is optional and offered on either a monthly or daily plan.

Monthly Lunch Rate Daily Lunch Rate
$5/day (regular); $6.50/day (large)
Sign up by the 25th to start lunch the following month.
$7/day (regular); $8.50/day (large)
Perfect if your child only needs school lunch occasionally, such as only on Fridays or when one parent is traveling.

Kelly Mother

My kids have been on the school lunch program since it began—they come home asking me to make food like they get at school.

Kelly H.


Running behind schedule? You can let us know in the morning if your child needs lunch on any particular day. We’ll bill you later at the daily rate through your FACTS account.

Healthy Snacks

TNCS students receive wholesome snacks each morning and afternoon. Your child will stay nourished and energized throughout the day. Food served at TNCS does not contain refined sugar and is nut-free.